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Sculpture Exhibition by Anyuta, Yi Chen, Muchen, Parvaneh Roudgar, and Gao Feng

Parvaneh Roudgar

Sculpting is a form of self-discovery for Parvaneh Roudgar, who says finding her true self through her strengths and weaknesses, has revealed to her that only through being honest with her nature can she summon the creativity and originality she needs to make her exquisite art forms. Roudgar’s striking sculptures of human images, particularly the study of female figures, take shape in forms of passion and strong dynamism, transforming the original figurative elements into morphing art forms that evoke great vigour.  The fluidity of the figures form lines marking the curves of a body that communicate suffering and pain, without failing the aesthetic dimension of the image in its complexity.

Parvaneh Roudgar studied art and sculpture at the Artistic Lyceum and University of Eta’Livera in Florence, Italy, receiving her Certificate in Working with Stone from the Art School of Port-a Romana, and she has since received numerous prestigious international awards for her creations. Her bigger projects have been exhibited as outdoor public sculptures in many countries including Canada and her native country Iran.

Roudgar strikes a strong emotive balance between East and West by naturally deriving thematic elements found in the styles of classical western and Persian civilization to arrive at the expressive modules of modern and contemporary sculpture. Her “Construction Sculptures” were evoked from the analyses of the concept of “geometric abstraction,” an analysis derived from the ancient Persian culture, which has been characterized by these qualities for thousands of years.

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